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Boston Scott is Ready to Fill the Darren Sproles Role in Eagles Offense

Last season the Philadelphia Eagles signed a free agent running back by the name of Boston Scott. A lot of people glossed over the signing and considered him as another average joe, but I saw a Darren Sproles 2.0 from the get-go. He is fast and elusive, with the same type of build as Sproles. The best part about him is his age, as he is just 24 years old.

On Monday night against the New York Giants, Scott had his breakout performance -- 128-yards in total and one touchdown not to mention. His impact plays are a big reason why the Eagles had a major comeback in the game, and in the process kept their playoff hopes alive.

Scott had one play on Monday where he fooled a Janoris Jenkins and left him with whiplash; it just reminded me so much of something Sproles would pull off. To the point, I had to question if Sproles fully recovered from his injury and checked into the game.

In an interview, Scott explained how he aspires to be like Sproles and has tremendous respect for the veteran.

This works well for the Eagles, because their offense has been stale without a running back that is able to turn quick tosses into big gains, as well as just being an overall matchup nightmare.

I know everyone is probably saying to not get hyped over one great game, but I have been waiting since last year for the Eagles to feature Scott in a game to see what he can do. So I am ready to have him fill Sproles' shoes over any of the other running backs on the roster for the rest of this season.

The Eagles need to ensure Scott has a future with this team because he may not be Sproles himself, but certainly is the next best thing. The plays he made on Monday night, especially that 25-yard run that got the drive rolling in overtime, shows he will give it his all whenever his name is called. He can be a positive influence on this Eagles offense, and help get them over that hump to squeeze into the playoffs.

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