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Bold Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins

We started our bold predictions by our writers back in Week 13. Ever since then, there has been at least one writer who made an at least partially correct prediction in every single game. In Week 13, our writer Campbell Duffy's prediction came true that the Eagles finally got Golden Tate in the endzone and he ended up becoming a focal point in the passing game. In Week 14, our writer Andrew W was right that the Cowboys game would be extremely stressful and would reach overtime, but he predicted a defensive stop in OT that did not come. In Week 15 we had two: our writer Tyler Wells predicted an Eagles upset over the Rams 31-23 (the score ended up being 30-23), and Andrew W. predicted the Eagles would keep Todd Gurley under 50 yards rushing, and thanks to an injury he only finished with 48 rushing yards. As for last week, our writer Tyler Wells predicted a big game for Nelson Agholor with 120 yards and 2 touchdowns. The prediction came just 4 yards shy of being right (Agholor had 116 yards) and only recorded one touchdown.

Will we have five weeks in a row where a prediction ends up coming to fruition? Here are Eagles Frenzy’s bold predictions for Week 17's game and the regular season finale versus the Washington Redskins:

Tyler Wells (@TylerDylanWells):

  • Nick Foles throughout his career has definitely leaned on his tight ends to make big plays in big moments. See: final drive of Super Bowl 52. Look for #9 to toss a key 3rd & 15+ to Dallas Goedert on a game winning drive opportunity to keep hope alive, and then find Ertz in the endzone from the goal line at the back left pylon. Eagles win, 23-18. (My predictions have been pretty close, so I decided to get more specific.)

Andrew W:

  • The Eagles offensive line has certainly turned the corner of late after a miserable start to the season. I'm predicting the o-line comes through and doesn't allow Nick Foles to get hit once, which means Foles will be able to continue his December dominance.

Aaron W:

  • This should be a blowout win for the Eagles. I expect the game to be over by the 3rd Quarter. In that case the run game is going to take over and chew time up and win the game. I have the team rushing for over 200 yards, and the Eagles winning 31-14

Josh Naso:

  • Eagles win 27-13 and the defense keeps the turnover mojo going by coming up with three takeaways.

Campbell Duffy:

  • The Eagles have not recorded a single defensive (or special teams touchdown) in 2018. If there's a week for that change it's against Washington and Josh Johnson. It's been well-recorded that Johnson is the team's defacto 4th string quarterback and it is his 14th stint on an NFL squad since entering the league in 2008. But that's not why I'm making this pick - the Eagles have played plenty of sub-par quarterbacks without defensive-scoring success this year. It is more just because it's Washington. Whether it's Fletcher Cox scooping up his Kirk Cousins' forced fumble for a score to seal a win in the opening week of 2017, or Malcolm Jenkins' pick-six in 2016, the Eagles D seem to come up big against them. Look for that trend to continue with a defensive score this week. Go Birds.

Mike Vaccaro:

  • Avonte Maddox with a pick six. Guy is an absolute ball hawk and it's only a matter of time before he finds paydirt. Break out the ski mask. Go Birds (and Bears...and Niners).

  • The Eagles jump out to an early 13 point lead, behind Josh Adams rushing and Nick Foles passing. The game gets tight within one score by halftime. Coming out from half, the Eagles come up with a key turnover and the ski masks are out from there. The Eagles defense ends up with 3 forced turnovers including a pick 6 from Avonte Maddox.

Alexis (atighe27):

  • Eagles defeat the Redskins 27-14. Nick Foles throws a 50 yard touchdown to Agholor to start off the game. Jake Elliott will continue his extra point woes and miss on the second touchdown. Zach Ertz will get six catches, making the NFL record for most catches by a tight end in a season go up to 119.

Will any of these predictions come true? We will find out soon.

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