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Bold Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins

Starting this week, we’ll take a look at the current matchup and deliver some spicy hot takes for either the Birds or that week’s opponent. Here are Eagles Frenzy’s bold predictions for Week 13's Monday Night Football game versus the Washington Redskins:

Tyler Wells (@TylerDylanWells):

  • Zach Ertz will record 15 catches for 210 yards versus the Redskins. He’s been on fire in 2018 — one of the only bright spots on this squad and his dominance should continue on Monday night.

Andrew W:

  • Eagles record 6+ sacks on Colt McCoy as they pressure the new Redskins Quarterback to keep him uncomfortable. With the Eagles starting secondary still trying to heal, Jim Schwartz needs to attack the Quarterback early and often to make life easier on his inexperienced Defensive Backs.

Aaron W:

  • The defense will force 5 turnovers Monday night. With the inexperienced Colt McCoy, banged up offensive line, and Adrian Peterson having fumbling issues, The Eagles will snag 3 interceptions as well as force two fumbles on the Redskins by pressuring McCoy, and getting big hits on Peterson.

  • The Eagles run away with this game, and a letter to Doug. Josh Adams carries the ball 24 times for 157 yards and 2 scores. Doug - if you're reading this, protect the secondary, and Lane Johnson's knee. Run the football. Allow the D-Line to control the game by handling the ball on offense and keeping a lead. The big uglies up front on offense are built for running the ball. You have a young back who will become a pro-bowl caliber runner if fed the rock.

Josh Naso:

  • I'm going the opposite of Mike. I think Doug refuses to learn his lesson and reverts back to a pass heavy offense. The result? Carson Wentz has a coming out party, showing he's back to health and tired of all the "not a franchise QB" talk while continuing his stellar play against the Redskins, throwing for 350 yards and four touchdowns. The Saints clearly have it out for the Eagles this season, dealing their playoff hopes a big blow by laying their first stinker of the year in a game that could have helped the Birds tremendously after running up the score on the Eagles a few weeks ago. Naturally, the Birds will respond in the most Philadelphia way possible, clicking against the 'Skins and finally looking like the team we all expected them to be, even if it may be too little too late. But hey, at least those who have lost confidence in Carson will be reassured.

Campbell Duffy:

  • Whilst Dallas found the spark they needed with their mid-season aquisition of Amari Cooper, the Eagles are still struggling to integrate Golden Tate in to their sputtering offense. That changes this week. Tate finally reaches the endzone- hopefully becoming the YAC machine that Howie dealt for. More of a prayer than a bold prediction. Go Birds.

Mike Vaccaro:

  • This one isn't necessarily MNF related and may not be the first time it's been said, but here's a scorcher: The Eagles will sign Kareem Hunt off waivers. I know this is a move that people will have very strong and divided opinions about. I don't want to dive too deep into it, because I in no way condone what he did. That being said, the Eagles are an organization that gave Mike Vick a second chance after his rampant animal abuse and the NFL is a league where Joe Mixon gets to play. I'll just leave it at that for now.

Will any of these predictions come true? We will find out soon.



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