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Bold Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears

The Eagles frenzy writers started our bold predictions back in Week 13. From Weeks 13-16, there was at least one writer who made an at least partially correct prediction in every single game. In Week 13, our writer Campbell Duffy's prediction came true that the Eagles finally got Golden Tate in the endzone and he ended up becoming a focal point in the passing game. In Week 14, our writer Andrew W was right that the Cowboys game would be extremely stressful and would reach overtime, but he predicted a defensive stop in OT that did not come. In Week 15 we had two:our writer Tyler Wells predicted an Eagles upset over the Rams 31-23 (the score ended up being 30-23), and Andrew W. predicted the Eagles would keep Todd Gurley under 50 yards rushing, and thanks to an injury he only finished with 48 rushing yards. As for Week 16, our writer Tyler Wells predicted a big game for Nelson Agholor with 120 yards and 2 touchdowns. The prediction came just 4 yards shy of being right (Agholor had 116 yards) and only recorded one touchdown. Unfortunately none of our Week 17 predictions came close, but we have fresh predictions in mind for the Eagles' first playoff game of 2019.

Here are Eagles Frenzy’s bold predictions for the Eagles' Wildcard Playoff matchup versus the Chicago Bears:

Tyler Wells (@TylerDylanWells):

  • I mentioned in an article earlier this week that Jordan Hicks has been entirely too quiet this season. I expect him to show up in the biggest game he's ever played in since joining the league in 2015. He'll end the day with 11 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, and 1 early interception that gives the Birds some momentum. Final score: Eagles 26, Bears 10.

Andrew W:

  • A lot of people are likely to think that Alshon Jeffery is the only one who is out for revenge against his former squad, but I am thinking of another Eagles player who was on the Bears back in Training Camp. The Eagles traded for DB Deiondre' Hall before the regular season got under way. Some thought he would end up being the team's depth option at safety, but even with all the injuries to the secondary, he has only played six snaps on defense this season. He has primarily been a special teamer, and a solid one at that, with 175 snaps under his belt. My prediction is that Hall makes an impact play on special teams - forcing a fumble on a punt or kickoff, or making a key block on a return.

Aaron W:

  • The only way the Eagles win this game is if the defense comes up big. Its going to be real tough to score on this Bears defense. I am expecting a really tight, low scoring game. My bold prediction is that the Eagles defense steps up and holds the Bears to under 10 points, as well as forcing the young, 2nd year QB Mitchell Trubisky, to throw 2 or more interceptions.

Josh Naso:

  • A lot of the attention heading into this game is gong to be on Khalil Mack, and rightfully so. He's been an absolute beast this season, anchoring an impressive Bears defense. I say the Birds find a way to neutralize Mack and manage to get the offense going much like they did against the vaunted Vikings defense in last year's NFC Championship game. Eagles 31, Bears 23.

Campbell Duffy:

  • The Bears are a perfect 12-0 when holding teams to under 24 points this season. I believe the Eagles will become the first team to defeat them while keeping under that total. Whilst the focus of the media is always on Khalil Mack, the Bears have top-to-bottom one of the most stacked defensive rosters in the league, and led by defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, are the best in the NFL. Plagued by injuries all season, the Eagles secondary has been able to limit leaking big plays through the air since the Amari Cooper/Cowboys game. Supported by one of the strongest defensive lines in the league, this matchup could potentially be a very low scoring affair. Then again, it's the playoffs, and this could easily turn into a 38-35 offensive masterclass led by two NFL coaches from the Andy Reid coaching trees. Who knows. Go Birds.

Mike W:

  • Going into Soldier Field in January against the best scoring defense in the league typically doesn't bode well for the opponent. I don't think anything different will occur for the Eagles. With a lot of attention on Mack, Akeem Hicks will have a big day, but Long/Cox should have a bigger one. This game comes down to defense and turnovers - and its #SkiMaskSzn. Birds 16 Bears 10.

Alexis (atighe27):

  • Despite his injury last week Foles will come back better than before, throwing 4 touchdowns. The Bears will fumble the ball for a turnover in the first quarter. The final score will be 28-20 Eagles.

Will any of these predictions come true? We will find out soon.

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