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Bold Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

The Eagles will head into Los Angeles with their playoff hopes hanging by a thread. Will they be able to pull off an amazing upset over one of the best teams in the NFL? So far in our two weeks worth of bold predictions, two writers have made an at least partially correct prediction. In Week 13, our writer Campbell Duffy's prediction came true that the Eagles finally got Golden Tate in the endzone and he ended up becoming a focal point in the passing game. Last week, our writer Andrew W was right that the game would be extremely stressful and would reach overtime, but he predicted a defensive stop in OT that did not come. Will we have three weeks in a row where a prediction ends up coming to fruition? Here are Eagles Frenzy’s bold predictions for Week 15's game versus the Los Angeles Rams:

Tyler Wells (@TylerDylanWells):

  • This game really doesn't look great for the Eagles as they're more than 10-point underdogs pretty much everywhere. But with Nick Foles under center, haven't people learned that the impossible IS possible? Foles goes off today for 350 yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and 1 rushing touchdown. Eagles upset the Rams 31-23.

Andrew W:

  • Last year the Eagles were able to keep Todd Gurley to 96 rushing yards. I am putting all my chips into Fletcher Cox and the defensive line and saying the Eagles will shut Gurley down, and keep to under 50 yards rushing, and under 75 scrimmage yards for the game. Maybe a hot start from Nick Foles will force the Rams to abandon the run game early.

Aaron W:

  • It's do or die time for the Eagles. Their backs are against the wall with this high-powered Rams team. But let's not forget that this team faced a large amount of adversity last year when they won the Super Bowl. So with that in mind, I believe the Eagles defense steps up against the Rams and hold them to under 20 points, and win the game 23-20.

Josh Naso:

  • I'm torn this week. My eyes tell me to expect the Rams to run away with this one. But my instinct tells me to never bet against a desperate team, and the Eagles are certainly that. In addition to being a defending champion whose playoff hopes are hanging by a thread, the Eagles are coming off a frustrating loss to their most hated rival, and have had to deal with a lot of off the field stuff this week with the Carson Wentz news and consequent questioning of the medical staff and front office. They're going to want to get the bitter taste from Dallas out of their mouths and turn the narrative back to the field. So which way should I go? I'll try to shake the Negadelphia stereotype and say the Eagles manage to make the game ugly and sneak out a win. As a bonus, I predict Nick Foles will get the ball to eight different receivers.

Mike Vaccaro:

  • I hate to say this, but I think this one is going to get ugly. Think loss to the Saints ugly. This makeshift secondary won't be able to handle the Rams offense and I think it'll be a full on air assault. Jared Goff throws for over 400 yards and 4 TDs.

Campbell Duffy:

  • For the Rams, their 6 point outing against the Chicago Bears last week was the first time they had failed to score a touchdown with Sean McVay in charge. That is not happening this week. Similar to Mike, I think this could get very ugly, very quickly. I'm not being overly-negative or pessimistic, nor am I blaming coaches, players or scheme; the secondary is just simply depleted. I believe our 'street' replacement secondary have done all they can. But in today's NFL, weaknesses in the secondary are quickly exploited, and McVay is one of the best in the business at doing so. After being shut down in front of a national television audience, the Rams will be out for revenge. Watch them keep their foot on the gas and score 40+ points, reestablishing themselves as frontrunners in the NFC.

Will any of these predictions come true? We will find out soon.

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