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Bold Predictions: Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles

So far in all three weeks worth of bold predictions, there has been at least one writer who made an at least partially correct prediction. In Week 13, our writer Campbell Duffy's prediction came true that the Eagles finally got Golden Tate in the endzone and he ended up becoming a focal point in the passing game. In Week 14, our writer Andrew W was right that the game would be extremely stressful and would reach overtime, but he predicted a defensive stop in OT that did not come. And for last week we had two: our writer Tyler Wells predicted an Eagles upset over the Rams 31-23 (the score ended up being 30-23), and Andrew W. predicted the Eagles would keep Todd Gurley under 50 yards rushing, and thanks to an injury he only finished with 48 rushing yards.

Will we have four weeks in a row where a prediction ends up coming to fruition? Here are Eagles Frenzy’s bold predictions for Week 16's game versus the Houston Texans:

Tyler Wells (@TylerDylanWells):

  • Nelson Agholor has had a quiet season. After he finally had a breakout year in 2017, the fourth year wideout hasn't shown any improvement at all. Last year, he scored eight times -- this year, just once. I'm looking at you #13. Put up a big game -- let's say 120 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Andrew W:

  • My prediction is that the Eagles defense ends up with a touchdown in an Eagles win. I'm hoping for a "Fat Guy Touchdown" from one of the defensive lineman.

Aaron W:

  • The Eagles haven't had a big day from a running back in a long time, maybe all season. In order to have an effective offense you need a good run game to setup the pass. I believe Josh Adams will rush for 100 yards and touchdown.

Josh Naso:

  • The defense will keep the turnover mojo going and come up with multiple takeaways Sunday afternoon. After struggling in that department for much of the season, they've had six in the past two weeks. The trend continues Sunday and it helps the Eagles to a win.

Campbell Duffy:

  • Seeing the broadcast camera having to actually pan down the field during the passing game last week was such a welcome relief. Though no fault of Ertz's own, the offense had become stale and predictable with the repeated 5 yard curls/outs to the tight end. I see two long contested touchdowns to Alshon Jeffrey from Foles this week. Time is a flat circle. Go Birds.

Mike Vaccaro:

  • You know what I could go for? A special teams TD. I'm looking for either a Darren Sproles punt return to the house or a KGH blocked punt that goes the distance.

Will any of these predictions come true? We will find out soon.



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