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Bold Predictions: Eagles vs Seahawks

Before the Eagles take the field in their primetime matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, our writers need to come up with some bold predictions for the game.

Here's a recap of previous bold predictions from each week and the winning predictor from our writers:

Week 1: no one

Week 2: Andrew W.

Week 3: no one

Week 4: Andrew W. (partial)

Week 5: Paul (partial)

Week 6: no one

Week 7: Andrew Palagruto; Caitlin (partial)

Week 8: Caitlin (partial); Travis (partial)

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Andrew W. (partial)

Week 11: no one

We'll see if anyone can have a fully correct prediction this week as the Eagles try to get their fourth win of the season and somehow maintain their lead in the NFC East. Here's what our writers are boldly predicting for this weekend:

  • Andrew W: Contrary to popular belief, the Eagles have actually been able to contain the Seahawks offense led by Russell Wilson. In their five previous matchups, the Eagles have contained Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense to an average of 21.6 points per game; it's the Eagles offense that has been the main suspect of why the team hasn't beaten Seattle in over 12 years. The defensive dominance will continue, they will contain Wilson by keeping him under 30 yards rushing, and they will allow 21 points or less.

  • Caitlin: It'll be a big game for Miles Sanders in the running game, picking up two touchdowns. The defense will give up four touchdowns though to the high-powered Seahawks offense. Final score -- Seahawks 31 Eagles 24

  • Trevor: Eagles defy logic and shock fans everywhere. Miles Sanders gets to run the ball 20+ times for 125+ yards and two touchdowns. Eagles pull off a 23-21 victory.

  • Paul: Jalen Hurts throws for two touchdowns and Carson Wentz throws 1 with 1 pick. Meanwhile, Miles Sanders will run in a score from 50 yards out, adding to a 150-yard performance. It won't be enough for an Eagles victory. Final score -- Seahawks 30 Eagles 28

  • Andrew Palagruto: Dallas Goedert will have a big game with double-digit targets which will result in 7+ catches, 75+ yards and a touchdown.

  • Chalie: Jalen Hurts takes over at quarterback after Carson Wentz struggles early and brings the Eagles to a come from behind win against the Seahawks, leaving the Eagles with a difficult decision moving forward. Final score -- Eagles 30 Seahawks 27

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