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Bold Predictions: Eagles vs. Patriots

This weekend the Eagles will play their second of three straight home games when they take on the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots. Before the teams take the field, our writers need to make their bold predictions for the game known. Here's a recap of previous bold predictions from each week and the winning predictor from our writers:

Week 1: Mike W.

Week 2: Michael V. (partial credit)

Week 3: no correct predictions

Week 4: Andrew W. & Mike W. (both partial credit)

Week 5: Chalie (Dylan partial credit)

Week 6: Dylan (partial credit)

Week 7: no correct predictions

Week 8: no correct predictions

Week 9: Andrew W. & Travis (partial credit)

We'll see if anyone can have a fully correct prediction this week as the Eagles win their third straight game. Here's what our writers are boldly predicting for this weekend:

Michael V.: JJAW gets his first NFL TD in Alshon's absence. This hopefully serves as a confident booster and translates to more playing time with a WR corps that has been reeling.

Andrew: The defense will hold Tom Brady under 200 passing yards (although I won't say whether it's because of stellar play, or if they are getting blown out so the Patriots are just constantly running the ball).

Chalie: Eagles have a team defining win this week with 400+ yards and 4 TDs.

Dylan: Jay Ajayi and Miles Sanders will combine for over 100 rushing yards.

Travis: The Wentz-Matthews connection is rekindled and Matthews goes for 75 receiving yards and a TD in his first game back.

Alexis: Ajayi comes back hotter than his first stint in Philadelphia and scores the first touchdown of the game. The Eagles prove once again that when the odds are against them, they come stronger and better by taking the victory at home 33-28.

Ryan: Brandon Graham gets to Tom Brady at least once, while on the offensive side of the ball Carson Wentz throws for 350 yards and two touchdowns.

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