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Bold Predictions: Eagles at Redskins

This weekend the Eagles will play their second of four-straight games against NFC East opponents when they take on the Washington Redskins. Depending on the outcome of games this weekend, the Eagles can finish Week 15 in 1st-place in the division. Before the teams take the field, our writers need to make their bold predictions for the game known.

Here's a recap of previous bold predictions from each week and the winning predictor from our writers:

Week 1: Mike W. Week 2: Michael V. (partial credit) Week 3: no correct predictions Week 4: Andrew W. & Mike W. (both partial credit) Week 5: Chalie (Dylan partial credit) Week 6: Dylan (partial credit) Week 7: no correct predictions Week 8: no correct predictions Week 9: Andrew W. & Travis (partial credit) Week 11: no correct predictions Week 12: no correct predictions Week 13: no correct predictions

Week 14: no correct predictions

We'll see if anyone can have a fully correct prediction this week as the Eagles try to move to 7-7 on the season and potentially take over 1st-place in the NFC East. Here's what our writers are boldly predicting for this weekend:

Andrew: Zach Ertz is a bonafide Redskins killer, as he always seems to have great performances against Washington. He has three games of 10+ catches against them, including a 15-catch game in 2014 (an Eagles franchise record). I predict he breaks his own franchise record, and catches 16 passes, two of which are for touchdowns.

Chalie: Boston Scott has a big day and leads the Eagles in scrimmage yards and 2 TDs.

Travis: All wide receivers active for the Eagles will have a TD. JJAW, Greg Ward, and Robert Davis will score for the Eagles some way or another.

Dylan: Brandon Graham comes back into the picture after being quiet these last few games. He'll get four sacks to reach 11.5 on the season, which will break his career high of 9.5 sacks back in 2017.

Zach: As mentioned in my article looking back at the Capitol City Comeback, my prediction is that the Birds will win in a close game, by a final score of 31-27.



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