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Better Off as the Underdog?

Everyone loves a good underdog story, especially Eagles fans after winning every playoff game leading up to and including, Super Bowl LII as underdogs. Not only were Eagles fans and players motivated by the idea, they even embraced the term by breaking out dog masks after a huge 15-10 playoff win over the Falcons.

In the years following, the team has thrived under the pressure that is created by being dubbed the underdog. Sunday’s game in San Francisco proved to be no different. With an injury-ridden Eagles team, the 49ers were heavily favored to walk away with the win. However, as they’ve done before, the Birds, practice squad players and all, were able to piece together a win.

This win added to the Eagles underdog record, pushing them to 17-15 in games (including playoffs) they were considered the underdog within the last five years. Notice, this is a winning record. No other teams even come close to .500.

While most fans, and players for that matter, would rather be favorites heading into important games, it’s comforting to know the Eagles shouldn't be counted out when they are considered the underdog.

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