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Andre Dillard Has Been Phenomenal This Preseason

One of the main goals this offseason for the Eagles was to find a suitable apprentice for Jason Peters as he prepares to possibly retire at the end of this season. The 2019 NFL Draft fell perfectly for the Eagles as Andre Dillard, regarded as a top-ten talent, fell down the draft board and allowed the Eagles to trade up a few spots without having to surrender tons of future draft capital.

With the team wanting to rest Peters as much as possible, Dillard has been getting tons of snaps at left tackle to help him get used to the speed of an NFL game. So far Dillard has passed with flying colors.

The plan for 2019 seems to be to let Peters play as much as possible, but the past few seasons Peters has had to miss a few snaps in games (and sometimes had to leave games early) due to injury. This is where Dillard will be able to come in and plug the blindside up well. The Eagles will hope that Peters will stay healthy throughout the season so Dillard can stay on the sideline as much as possible to study the game more. If he were to be pressed into action though, so far it seems like Eagles fans wouldn't beed to be concerned about Dillard's ability to keep Carson Wentz upright.



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