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Alshon Jeffery Brings the Swagger to Eagles Offense

After a dominate win against the rival New York Giants, most fans and media are starting to believe this Eagles team will finally start turning things around. Tight end Zach Ertz mentioned to media that Alshon Jeffery brings all the confidence that the Eagles offense needs to start rolling. When asked about Ertz's comment, Jeffery backed that claim up with an interesting quote.

This isn't the first time Jeffery has had the right mindset heading into games. During media week at the Super Bowl, Jeffery was interviewed about his thoughts on all the festivities the week leading up to the Super Bowl has. Jeffery wanted nothing to do with it and was solely focused on bringing a championship home to Philadelphia. That is exactly what he ended up doing.

With that attitude in place for him and the rest of the offense, it's time to start thinking that the Eagles will start going on a little run of success after a miserable start to the season.

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