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Achilles Problem Who? Brandon Brooks Off to a Great Start in 2019

The Philadelphia Eagles brought home a sweet victory this Thursday against the Packers. We really needed this win to keep the morale of the fandom up. The dogs are back and ready for more!

One O-lineman in particular should be credited for having an amazing game after coming off an injury. Brandon Brooks suffered a serious achilles injury last season in the NFL Divisional playoff game against the Saints. He underwent surgery and lots of physical therapy in the off season so he could be back and better than before for this season. And that’s exactly what he did when he took the field against the Washington Redskins in Week 1.

On Thursday, he was undoubtedly the best offensive lineman for the Eagles -- not allowing any Packers defenders to get a single pressure on Carson Wentz.

This team still has things to work on, expecially the defensive line like I mentioned in my article on last weeks game. However, it’s still early and this game gave a good glimpse into what the future of this season holds.

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