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A Renewed Appreciation

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

If the start of the NFL season is to be pushed past September, our collective anxiety will reach yet another unforeseen height. As if that's what we need right now.

Nothing, of course, could compare with this current crisis, but being isolated without any live sports is just downright cruel to a Philly market that breathes this stuff. Our Eagles haven't left us any void yet, of course, but its the absence of any live sports that leaves us borderline disturbed.

Together, this has become the "perfect storm," a new norm that is unforgiving. Charles M. Schultz once wrote, "absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of us lonely." Well, the absence of our sports goes much further. It is downright breaking our collective hearts.

The only NFL change is the upcoming April 23-25th draft by teleconference, and of course, national TV. No crowds cheering and booing each pick, ok sure that does leave a slight void, but I believe we can handle that. But, as the greater unknown of this coronavirus deepens, so might NFL camps, preseason games and, who knows, the start of the season.

This is where the rubber really meets the road. I believe all of this will only serve to deepen our appreciation and devotion to the game we love. Take a moment to consider a year without the Eagles. Ok, your moment just ended and perhaps your patience as well.

Truth is, we can all love more than one sport, but rarely equally. In Philly, we can love all four pro teams, but even the greatest of skeptics would tell you the NFL rules when it comes to pure fanatical passion.

And this site is appropriately named Eagles Frenzy for a reason. When sanity resurfaces, our sports will reset and the love of the game we thought could not deepen will be ready to explode.

Look at it this way, what could potentially be taken from us is more than our would be our mental health.

Take away all the material things you want but don't you dare take away our Philadelphia Eagles.

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