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A.J. Green Trade Rumors: Should the Eagles Inquire?

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There have been a lot of rumors in the NFL regarding the possibility of the Bengals trading away A.J. Green. The Bengals have shot them down, but talk is cheap. This leads us to ask the question, "should the Eagles trade for Green?"

He is older and has had a few injuries the past couple years. However, he is still A.J. Green! He has been one of the most consistent threats on the field since he was drafted in 2011. If the only thing the Eagles need to give up is a 3rd round pick, I don’t see why they shouldn’t go for it. Green is an upgrade at WR and can play opposite of Alshon on the outside and keep Agholor in the slot. He can go up and get contested receptions like Alshon, but he can also burn past corners and make big plays.

Even if he isn’t the A.J. Green we have all come to know, he still can be a consistent threat this offense can use to dominate other teams. This may be the way they will have to go as it is seeming to be less likely they trade for Jalen Ramsey. If I was Howie Roseman, I would be negotiating a trade for A.J. right now and getting him ready for the game against the Cowboys. Green would put the Eagles over the top as the dominant NFC team and help them get into the playoffs and make a good run this year.

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