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25% of Redskins Roster Hasn't Played at FedEx Field Before

With the Washington Redskins officially eliminated from playoff contention, they only thing going for them on Sunday is to play spoilers to the Eagles and try to prevent their division rivals from making the postseason.

When both teams take the field though, the Eagles might be the ones with the home-field advantage on Sunday. That is because 25% of the Redskins roster has never even played at their home stadium before.

The reason why there are so many players who haven't played at FedEx Field before is because Redskins have been decimated with injuries throughout the entire 2018 season. Their Week 17 roster is partially made up of undrafted rookies who were either on their practice squad earlier in the season, or weren't on any NFL rosters at all.

Considering that information, plus if you take into effect that FedEx Field is just a quick drive down I-95 so Eagles fans will be invading their stadium, the Eagles will basically have home-field advantage in their regular-season finale on the road.

With all of these advantages, if the Eagles can't leave Washington with a "W", then they don't really deserve to make the playoffs.

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