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2021 Week 7: Five Players to Watch

The Birds have flown to Vegas as they try to get one step closer to .500 when they take on the Raiders. Keep an eye on these 5 players as they will likely be the most important factors for this game.

Dallas Goedert

With the Zach Ertz trade last week Goedert is the only known commodity at the position now, and will see a huge increase in snaps. He’s in his contract year so he will have to take advantage of these next 11 games. He’ll also need to avoid any injuries if possible, because the depth chart behind him appears to be barren.

Miles Sanders

Nick Sirianni knows that Miles Sanders needs the ball more, but acknowledging it is only half the battle. He needs to stick to his word and run a more balanced offense in this matchup, so keep an eye on #26 to make the most of his opportunities.

Lane Johnson

After missing three games with a personal health matter Johnson is back with the team. A return to form for #65 could make a world of a difference for the Eagles offense. Maybe Nick Sirianni will have more confidence in his o-line to call more running plays with a veteran like Johnson back on the right side.

Javon Hargrave

Hargrave had his first sackless game of the season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The good news is that the Raiders o-line (17) has given up more than double the sacks the Buccaneers (9) have allowed, so Hargrave should have a good chance at making a bigger impact in this game.

Jake Elliott

Elliott missed his first FG of the season in the Buccaneers game. It’ll be interesting to see if he can wipe it from his memory or if it causes a collapse similar to his 2020 season. The Eagles should test him out early so they have a better idea of how reliable he could be late in the game if a big 4th down decision is needed.



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