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2021 Week 2: Five Players to Watch

The Eagles are coming off of a big win in Week 1 against the Falcons. Now they will be trying to start the year 2-0 when they face the San Francisco 49ers in their home opener at Lincoln Financial Field. Here's a look at five players fans should pay extra attention to during the game.

Zach Ertz & Dallas Goedert

Outside of Fred Warner, the 49ers are paper thin at linebacker. Jalen Hurts will need to use that to his advantage and find his tight ends early and often, and both tight ends will need to showcase that they can be relied upon throughout the entire game.

Eric Wilson

Last Sunday the Eagles defense as a whole was strong, but the one weak spot seemed to be Eric Wilson, who was fairly mediocre throughout the game. The 49ers will likely target him so he'll need to step up his game.

Derek Barnett

Josh Sweat got a contract extension this weekend, which means Barnett is on the hot seat with his future undetermined. He'll need to make the most of his opportunities, as now any mishap will likely send him to the bench.

Darius Slay

Darius' nickname is "Big Play Slay" and yet he has only recorded just one interception as an Eagle. The defense as a whole hasn't created many turnovers lately, so Slay needs to step up as a veteran and make some big plays for this defense.

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