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2020 Week 2: Five Players to Watch

The Eagles will be taking the field soon hoping to get their first win of the season and avoiding a devastating 0-2 start on their season. Before kickoff, here are five Birds fans should keep a close eye on throughout the entire game:

Jason Kelce

It felt like Kelce didn't play to his best abilities in Week 1, but it was understandable given the lack of chemistry between him and Nate Herbig. Now facing Aaron Donald, the Rams will likely want to exploit the inexperienced Herbig to get after Carson Wentz. It'll be up to Kelce to try to help out and double team Donald, all while making sure his snaps and consistently on point to Wentz.

Javon Hargrave

The addition of Hargrave this offseason was supposed to ensure the Eagles defensive line had consistently fresh beasts on the inside between him, Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson. If his snap count isn't limited, we will have to keep an eye on him to see just how well he plugs the running game up, as well as how much pressure he can put on Jared Goff.

Zach Ertz

Ertz dropped a critical 4th down pass that would have extended a drive as the Eagles tried to fight themselves back into the game in the 4th quarter last week. That drop plus all the drama surrounding his contract negotiations means that Ertz is probably in his own head a lot right now. He'll have to have a clear mind and get back to proving Howie Roseman just how valuable he is to the Eagles offense.

Derek Barnett

This is the year Barnett has to prove his worth to the Eagles front office. Josh Sweat had a productive game last week taking Barnett's snaps, so if he doesn't perform well (or doesn't stay healthy), he might permanently lose his starting job. Not only that, but with the salary cap expected to take a big dip next offseason, the Eagles will need to find ways to shed money. They can release Barnett this offseason and save $10 Million if they feel he isn't worth that kind of cap hit. So a big first game in 2020 would be a good start for the former 1st-round pick.

Carson Wentz

We saw Wentz on the ground often last Sunday. Some of it was the o-line's fault, but there were a few sacks he could have avoided if he just threw the ball away and gave up on the play. All of those hits also affected his rhythm and accuracy, which took all the wind out of the Eagles' sail in the 2nd half in Washington. When #11 takes the field against the Rams, we need to see him make better decisions. If he can clean up his mistakes, we should see hopefully him play like he was playing in the 1st half down in D.C., where he looked like a top-five QB.

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