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2020 Week 12: Five Players to Watch

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Tonight is the perfect storm for the Eagles. They have dropped from first place to third place in the NFC East thanks to winning streaks from Washington and New York. There's a chance they can go back to being in first place by the end of Monday night's game, the only problem is that the Seattle Seahawks are standing in the way. The Eagles haven't defeated the Seahawks since 2008, and the Seahawks are undefeated at Lincoln Financial Field.

Even though it feels like this game is a disaster waiting to happen, there's still a chance for the Eagles to somehow walk away with a victory. They'll need the following players to play at Pro Bowl levels though:

Josh Sweat

Overall the Eagles defense hasn't been too bad this season, but one thing that has haunted them has been the big runs they have given up on up wide receiver runs and quarterback options. Those big plays happen because the defensive ends get baited into running inside towards the running back. On top of having to try to put pressure on Russell Wilson throwing the ball on Monday night, Sweat needs to be aware of those option plays to prevent any big gains.

Darius Slay

The Seahawks have two scary wide receivers on their roster in Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. Everyone is expecting Slay to shadow Metcalf the entire game, but regardless of who he is covering, he needs to play shut down defense on his man so that the other corner can have extra help with double teams to shut down the opposite receiver. If Slay has a poor game, then the entire defense will likely crumble.

Jordan Mailata

Mailata has six games to audition to be the Eagles' franchise left tackle. If he plays well and proves he can be relied upon there in 2021 and beyond, the Eagles could move on from both Jason Peters and Andre Dillard this offseason, potentially saving a lot of money and maybe giving the team draft capital if they are able to trade Dillard.

Travis Fulgham

The Seahawks secondary is currently rated as the worst in the entire league. After back-to-back poor outings, he is due to have a big game. If he can't, then maybe he isn't as good as fans were hoping he could be, and that month-long hot streak was just a fluke.

Carson Wentz

Once again stating the obvious, this team can only go as far as Wentz can carry it. Wentz has been atrocious this season, which is why fans are now slamming the table for him to get benched. Maybe that added pressure from the fan base will do him some good, or it might be the straw that breaks him down mentally from a place he can never recover from. Either way, with first place in the NFC East back up for grabs and facing the league's worst passing defense, this is the week to see just who Carson Wentz really is.


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