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2020 Week 11: Five Players to Watch

This weekend could have been less stressful if the Eagles would have played hard in their game last week against the New York Giants. A win in the Meadowlands would have allowed the Eagles to have a clear path to the division crown and not really need to worry about winning any games besides their divisional matchups. Instead, the Eagles lead the NFC East just by half of a game, and they have a schedule from hell these coming five weeks, playing against the Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Arizona Cardinals. They'll probably need to win at least two games to keep their necks above water.

With that being said, this game against the Browns is probably the "easiest" to win from that daunting schedule approaching. It won't be easy at all, but the Eagles will need the following five players to step up on Sunday, so keep an eye on them:

Fletcher Cox

The forecast in Cleveland is calling for rain for the entire duration of the game. Essentially that means both teams will have to rely on the running game to help move the chains and point up points on the board. Cox (along with the rest of the defensive line) will have to halt the dynamic duo of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt from doing any damage.

TJ Edwards

If Cox and the defensive line fail to stop Cleveland's running backs at the line of scrimmage, TJ Edwards (and the rest of the linebacker core) will have to step up and secure their tackles to prevent any runs from moving the chains or becoming home runs. Edwards will also have to keep an eye on Baker Mayfield to make sure he doesn't try to break any long runs with his own legs.

Miles Sanders

As mentioned earlier, the rain will cause this game to be decided on the ground. He had a great game last week, but he'll need to be even better to convince Doug Pederson to not give up on calling run plays and feeding him the rock. He has yet to have a 20+ carry game this season and only has two such games in his career. Sanders absolutely needs 20+ carries (maybe even 25+ carries) for the Birds to have a chance in this game, and Sanders will have to be very productive with those carries for the Eagles to end up with a win.

Dallas Goedert

If for some reason Doug Pederson refuses to commit to the running game, I'd expect him to try to get the ball into Goedert's hands often. Carson Wentz has struggled on the deep ball, and with it raining all game long it'd be ill-advised to continue trying deep balls. Goedert should be healthy, so feed him like it's 2018-2019 and pretend he is Zach Ertz. Goedert is supposed to be Ertz's successor anyway, and now that he is fully healthy he needs to prove he can be trusted to be a TE1 of the future.

Carson Wentz

It's been said often -- the Eagles will go as far as Wentz can carry them. Wentz has played poorly, and therefore the Eagles have played poorly. With bad weather expected all game long, Wentz can't expect himself to play hero ball and win this game. He'll have to be an effective game-manager by relying on the running game and move the chains on third-down (something he couldn't do last week in New York). If Doug Pederson tries to commit to the passing game early, maybe Wentz can intervene by calling audibles and switching to running plays.

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