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20 Former Eagles Are Nominated For the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2022

On Wednesday the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced their preliminary 122 Modern-Era nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2022. Of the 122 players, there were 20 who wore an Eagles uniform at some point in their careers. Here's a look at all 20, and just how good their chances are at being elected to the highest honor in football.

Randall Cunningham

The Ultimate Weapon was a star in Philadelphia, but his injuries throughout his career prevented him from putting up even better numbers than he has. He has no shot this year to make it, and I'd say maybe a 10% chance of ever getting enshrined in Canton.

Donovan McNabb

McNabb is the Eagles' franchise leader in practically every major passing stat and helped the team control the NFC East in the early 2000s. Not getting over the Super Bowl hump will forever tarnish his chances though. He has no shot this year to make it, and I'd say maybe a 5% chance of ever getting enshrined in Canton.

Jeff Garcia

Garcia had an incredible career for a quarterback who wasn't even drafted, and Eagles fans will always remember him for helping the team beat the Giants in the 2006 playoffs and coming just shy of taking the team to the NFC Championship Game. All of that is nice, but just four Pro Bowl selections means that Garcia will likely never get into Canton. He has no shot this year to make it, and I'd say maybe a 2.5% chance of ever getting enshrined in Canton.

Ricky Watters

Most Philadelphians could never forgive Watters after his "for who, for what?" comments, but he had a pretty solid tenure as an Eagle. He was certainly a Hall of Fame-type talent throughout his career, as he currently sits with the 24th-most rushing yards in NFL history. I'd say he has a decent shot of being selected this year, and roughly a 50% chance of eventually getting in.

Herschel Walker

He only spent three seasons as an Eagle, but all three seasons were productive. He continued his productivity in the four teams he suited up for, currently sitting with the 43rd-most rushing yards in NFL history. He'll likely remain in the "Hall of Very Good" -- he has no shot this year to get the necessary votes, and about a 15% chance of ever being elected.

Brian Westbrook

Westbrook was a reliable rusher and pass catcher for the Birds in the 2000s, and currently sits in 3rd place on the Eagles all-time rushing list. Even though he was consistent, he's not even in the top-50 of any major rushing category in NFL history. This nomination is just a courtesy recognition for Westbrook, as he has no shot of ever being enshrined in Canton. He'll always have a place in the Hall of Very Good though.

Jimmy Smith

Smith was in training camp with the Eagles in 1994 but never played in a regular-season game. He made all of his noise with the Jacksonville Jaguars after his release from the Eagles. He currently has the 24th-most receptions in NFL history, 24th-most receiving yards, and 51st-most receiving touchdowns. I'd say he has a fair shot of being selected this year, and if not I'd say he has about a 60% chance of eventually getting in.

Greg Townsend

Townsend only spent one season as an Eagle, but he had already done all his damage in Los Angeles with the Raiders. He currently sits 23rd in league history in sacks. His two Pro Bowls, two all-pros and Super Bowl ring are also nice on his resume. I'd say he has a fair shot of making it this year, and about a 65% chance of eventually getting in.

Seth Joyner

Joyner is probably one of the most underrated linebackers in NFL history. He got some mild recognition in three Pro Bowl selections and three total all-pro selections, but he probably deserved many more selections to both. As of 2021, He is also one of just 15 players in NFL history in the 20/20 club (20+ interceptions, 20 + sacks). He'll likely always remain underrated. He has almost no shot of being selected this year, and maybe a 15% chance to ever get the call to the hall.

Takeo Spikes

Spikes spent just one season with the Birds, but he was a tackling machine throughout his entire career. He currently has the 12th-most tackles ever recorded. His lack of recognition could hurt him though, as he only earned two Pro Bowl selections and one first-team all-pro. I'd say he has slim odds of making in this year, but has probably a 40% chance of eventually getting in.

Eric Allen

This is the guy Eagles fans need to rally around. He should have already been enshrined by now, but he has constantly been overlooked even though he currently has the 21st-most interceptions in league history. Cornerbacks that are already enshrined have mentioned that they modeled their game after EA. There was a logjam of worthy players that finally got enshrined last season thanks to the expanded voting format. I think that bodes well for Allen to finally get in. I'd say he has a solid shot of being elected this year, and if not, there's an 85% chance he eventually gets in (and if he doesn't there will be plenty of criticizing going on from the rest of the league pounding the table for him to get in).

Troy Vincent

Vincent helped make the Eagles secondary a fear group in the late 1990s-early 2000s. In his eight seasons as an Eagle, five of them ended in Pro Bowl selections. He also earned two total all-pro selections. With there being a lot of cornerback talent deserving to get in, he may have to wait a while to get a fair chance. I'd say he has extremely slim odds to be selected this year, and maybe a 30% chance of eventually getting in.

Asante Samuel

Samuel was an interception machine throughout his career, and the Eagles haven't had a ballhawk at cornerback like him since his departure. Unfortunately, only being known as a ballhawk doesn't help Samuel's case, especially since he "only" sits in 33rd-place all-time in interceptions. He has no chance of being elected this year, and maybe a 15% chance of ever getting in.

Jeff Feagles

Feagles spent four seasons in Philadelphia back in the 90s. He has the most punts in NFL History AND most punt yards in NFL history, but will longevity be enough for him to get in? He never really got the attention of being a dominant punter, receiving just two Pro Bowl selections in 22 seasons. I'd say he has no shot this year, and maybe a 10% chance of eventually getting the recognition.

Sean Landeta

Landeta falls below Feagles in punt yards, coming in 3rd place all-time. He does have plenty more accolades than Feagles - seven all-pro selection, two Pro Bowl selection, two Super Bowl rings, and was a part of two separate all-decade teams. This year is very slim, but he has probably the best chance of any punter of eventually getting in -- I'd say about a 40% chance.

Gary Anderson

Anderson spent only two seasons in Philadelphia but is still known as one of the best kickers of all-time. He currently has the 3rd-most made field goal in league history. With four Pro Bowls, three total all-pro selections, and two separate all-decade selections, he might eventually make it into Canton. I'd say extremely thin odds of getting in this year, and about a 50% chance of eventually getting in.

Mel Gray

Gray spent the last season of his career in Philadelphia and is considered one of the best kick returners in NFL history, currently in 4th-place all-time. Unfortunately for him, it is extremely hard for specialists like himself to ever get into the hall. He has no shot this year, and maybe a 5% chance of ever getting in.

Allen Rossum

Rossum started his career with the Eagles and set two team records that still stand: Most kickoff returns in a single season: 54 (1999) and Most kickoff return yards in a single season: 1,347 (1999). Rossum departed the Birds after two seasons, but still remained a kick return demon for another decade in the league. He has the 2nd-most kick return yards and 10th-most punt return yards in NFL history. Since he basically only contributed on special teams that will hurt his chances of getting in. I'd say there's no shot of making it this year, and maybe a 25% chance of ever getting enshrined.

Brian Mitchell

Mitchell was like Allen Rossum....but better. Mitchell has the most kick return AND punt return yards in NFL history. Mitchell is the standard for NFL special teamers. He has a decent chance of making it this year, and I'd say about a 70% chance of eventually getting in.

Dick Vermeil

Vermeil was announced as one of three senior finalists this year. He is known for leaving college football in the 1970s to turn around a dysfunctional Eagles franchise and leading them into Super Bowl XV. He also won a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams, and with growing support for his enshrinement he will have a very good shot of getting in this year. If he doesn't make it this year his time will be coming soon enough though.

The list of Modern-Era Nominees will be reduced to 25 Semifinalists in November and, from there, to 15 Finalists in January. 18 Finalists will be presented to the 49-member Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee during its annual meeting. The Finalists will consist of 15 Modern-Era Finalists and the recently named Senior Finalists.

The Selection Committee will meet early next year (on a date to be determined) in advance of Super Bowl LVI. While there is no set number for any class of enshrinees, the selection process by-laws provide that between four and eight new members will be selected.

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