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17 Former Eagles Nominated for Hall of Fame

On Thursday, the National Football League unveiled its initial nominees list for the 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class. There are 122 nominees this year, and out of those 122 there were 17 who spent at least one season in Philadelphia as an Eagle. Those 17 players are:

QB Randall Cunningham

QB Donovan McNabb

QB Jeff Garcia

RB Herschel Walker

RB Ricky Watters

TE Keith Jackson

DE Greg Towns

LB Seth Joyner

LB Takeo Spikes

CB Eric Allen

CB Troy Vincent

K David Akers

K Gary Anderson

P Sean Landeta

P Jeff Feagles

ST Brian Mitchell

ST Mel Grey

To celebrate the league's 100th season in operation, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is changing their induction policy for this upcoming class. Instead of the usual eight person class, the 2020 induction class will have 20 members. Of those 20 will be five modern-era players, 10 seniors (a player who has been retired for more than 25 seasons), three "contributors" (an individual other than a player or coach) and two coaches.

Of those 17 players, the ones with the best chances of making it in are Eric Allen, Troy Vincent and Seth Joyner. Although it is a tragic error on the committee's part to once again omit Harold Carmichael from the initial nominees list. He would have had an amazing shot if he got the initial nomination thanks to him being retired for over 25 years and a bigger group of "senior" players will be getting in this year. This might have been Carmichael's last good shot at making the Hall of Fame thanks to the expanded list. But alas, Canton fumbled the ball again in this situation. Hopefully they can make up for it by letting players like Allen and Joyner finally receive their overdue recognition.


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